Ladies’ macaron cowhide shoulder bag with lock.

The cover is composed of a piece of rolled up and bent leather,

forming a comfortable arc, with a fluffy shape of air,

and a curved shape at the bottom.

Cowhide leather shoulder bag (leather), lined with synthetic leather,

and equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap.

1 slip pocket and 1 zipper pocket for storing your phone/key/lipstick.

Sliding lock, beautiful and safer, protect personal privacy.

Size: 7.48″L x 5.90″H x 3.54″W (suitable for iphone12 pro max). The length of the shoulder strap is 42.51″.


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Inspired by the cute fluffy shape and soft feel of Swiss roll cake, with vibrant and bright colors.

Material: The first layer of cowhide is made of raw cowhide after precise division processing, which is high-grade leather

*Store it in a dry, cool and ventilated place.

*Avoid contact with chemicals, spikes and hot places.

*If there is dirt, please clean it with a dry soft cloth.

重量 1 kg
尺寸 40 × 20 × 10 cm

Black, Purple, White, yellow



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