Chinese lotus handbag

·Clamp lock
· Polyester and lotus, decorated with Chinese silk embroidery.
·Zipper bag, mobile phone bag, secret bag
·Backpack style: crossbody/single shoulder/portable
·Handle height 6.29 inches
· Removable and adjustable shoulder strap (22.83 inches high)
· 6.29 inches (width) x 6.29 inches (height) x 3.93 inches (depth)
·Microfiber lining
·Made in China



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The Chinese style series interprets the brand’s iconic style with lotus flowers.

This single product interprets elegance and independence with white and embroidery techniques.

It is made of polyester and the top is handmade from silk.

The iconic clip lock and chain of this series add charm to the entire design.

重量 1 kg
尺寸 40 × 20 × 10 cm



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