• Akiko: Talking Elbows

Volume nineteenth . Restricted travel

“Are you okay?” Qing Chen said, looking at the woman outside the door.


This was the first time he was looking at each other seriously. The two had been in a hurry every time they met, and because of domestic violence, women deliberately avoided other men, even if Qing Chen was just a high school student.


This should be the shadow of domestic violence.


At this time, the woman’s palms and arms had become mechanical limbs, and Qing Chen found that the other’s mechanical limbs were more beautiful than most prisoners in the 18th prison. The smooth and elegant lines were full of beauty of strength.


If it weren’t covered by long sleeves, I’m afraid it would look better.


To say that women are really good-looking, although there are some fine lines around the corners of the eyes, they add a little charm and can’t stop the gentle temperament of the other person.


The woman looked at Qing Chen a little embarrassed and said, “I didn’t expect to cause you trouble again this time.”


“It’s okay,” Qing Chen shook his head: “I’m planning to cook for Li Tongyun. I like her very much.”


The woman nodded and said to Li Tongyun: “Let’s go, Xiaoyun, and go home with her mother.”


Li Tongyun said pitifully: “I’m still hungry, the house was beaten by you two, and there was nothing to eat when I went back.”


The woman was a little angry when she heard this: “Be obedient, don’t trouble others anymore!”


However, Qing Chen suddenly said, “I just heard Xiaoyun say that you haven’t eaten yet, so why don’t you come to the house to have some dinner together.”


The woman and Li Tongyun froze for a moment. Although Qing Chen had helped before, he had never actively expressed enthusiasm.


I’m afraid of getting into trouble.


“I also really want to know something about crossing,” Qing Chen explained: “So I want to ask…Uh, how do I call you?”


“My name is Jiang Xue,” the woman replied.


“Well, I just want to ask Aunt Jiang Xue about the inner world,” Qing Chen said, “Is it convenient?”


To be honest, Jiang Xue was twelve years older than Qing Chen, and she was a bit older to call her aunt, but he and Li Tongyun met first, so they can only call it that now.


“It’s no inconvenience,” Jiang Xue said: “You can tell you at any time when you come to ask, so I won’t bother you now. I can cook for Xiaoyun when I go home and pack my things.”


“Mom, let’s eat at my brother’s house,” Li Tongyun whispered.


Jiang Xue looked at Xiaoyun’s pleading expression and sighed: “That’s really bothering you.”


From beginning to end, this woman always looked embarrassed, and Qing Chen could feel the guilt from the other side.


Can this kind of character really survive in the fierce world of the inner world?


Qing Chen suppressed the curiosity in his heart until he put the soy sauce fried rice on the table, and finally said nonchalantly: “I saw the police have come to handle the case, what did they say?”


Jiang Xue replied: “The neighbors helped me explain the situation. They were originally meant to be taken back for me, but considering that I have a daughter and that it was a legitimate defensive behavior, I was allowed to stay and let me know if I had something to do. “


At this time, Qing Chen asked what she most wanted to ask: “I think two people came later, what are they doing?”


“I don’t know what they are doing,” Jiang Xue shook his head: “The other party learned something from the police comrades, and then asked me to fill out a form, then took two photos of my ID card and left. “


Qing Chen was stunned for a moment: “It’s that simple?”


“By the way, they also said that they might find me in the future and told me not to leave Los Angeles in the near future, but they didn’t say anything about looking for me,” Jiang Xue replied.


“The police didn’t care about them?” Qing Chen was curious.


“They seem to show some documents to the police comrades,” Jiang Xue explained: “I don’t know the specifics. Anyway, I don’t care about them.”


At this time, Qing Chen had a preliminary understanding of those people:


First of all, the opponent does not catch the person who is passing through.


Second, the other party has official documents.


In any case, at least the other party was not as frantic as he imagined, which made Qing Chen feel at ease a lot.


Suddenly, Qing Chen said to Jiang Xue: “Aunt Jiang Xue, what is your status in the inner world?”


In the world, this name has slowly spread after He Xiaoxiao’s strategy.


It can be regarded as everyone’s recognized name for that crossing the world.


Jiang Xue replied: “I opened a mechanical clinic in the 18th city, which is actually to help others install mechanical prostheses. But after I crossed over, I didn’t understand anything. Someone came to install mechanical limbs, so I could only say no. goods.”


Qing Chen nodded, this kind of skill really cannot be mastered in two days.


“Then your arms…” he asked.


“I already had a mechanical prosthesis when I went, and I came back with it when I returned,” Jiang Xue replied.


Qing Chen asked again: “I saw Prison 18 on the introduction of a traverser. Where is this place?”


“It’s on the edge of City No. 18,” Jiang Xue said, “This prison is quite famous. It seems to be a place dedicated to detaining serious prisoners. It is the highest-defense prison in the federal government.”


“Federal system?” Qing Chen hesitated: “What else does Aunt Jiang Xue know?”


“I have just traveled through the past two days, and I haven’t figured out anything,” Jiang Xue shook his head.


At this time, the little girl Li Tongyun on the side asked: “Mom, what is the name of your clinic?”


“It’s called Jiang Xue Mechanical Limb Clinic,” Jiang Xue replied, “What are you asking for?”


“Just ask,” Li Tongyun said while pulling the soy sauce fried rice.


Qing Chen wrote down the name, but he might not be able to help the other party now.


If you want to help, you have to go through Lu Guangyi or Li Shutong, but how do you explain how you know Jiang Xue?


He still doesn’t know how the people in the inner world will treat the traversers. If Jiang Xue is exposed, wouldn’t he also be discovered?


Wait a minute, Jiang Xue doesn’t seem to be in imminent danger right now.


Jiang Xue looked at Qingchen: “Why are you so curious about things in the inner world?”


“I would also like to travel through to take a look,” Qing Chen said with a smile, “I am quite envious of you travellers.”


Jiang Xue shook his head: “That world is very dangerous. Basically, except for the members of the Li family, Chen family, Kei family, Kana, and Kashima Group, everyone else lives in dire straits every day. It’s not as good as the world.”


Qing Chen thought to himself that he is a member of the Qing clan, but he also lives in dire straits.


He asked: “What are your plans next?”


“I want to take Xiaoyun to live with her grandma Zheng Cheng for a while, leave tomorrow, and then come back to divorce Xiaoyun’s father,” Jiang Xue said.


Qing Chen suddenly thought of something, and then reminded: “Then buy tickets first. There are so many people who go to Zhengcheng every day, so it’s not easy to buy tickets.”


Jiang Xue didn’t think too much, so he bought a ticket to Zhengcheng directly using the mobile phone software. The payment was successful, but when the ticket was issued, it showed that the ticket was failed!




Qing Chen fell into deep thought. When he heard that the other party said that Jiang Xue was not allowed to leave Los Angeles, but there were no restrictions, he guessed that there might be other means.


The mysterious organization took pictures of Jiang Xue’s ID card, perhaps to restrict her travel.


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