• Akiko: Talking Elbows

Volume seventeenth. Cross track 

As night fell gradually, the autumn wind passed by the Wangcheng Bridge, Qing Chen stretched his body while running, and the wind would blow his clothes back.


Maybe it’s a different mood, he feels like…


The shackles once given to him by his family and environment are slowly opening.


Qing Chen ran faster and faster.


Occasionally pedestrians on the bridge will look back at him. Everyone can feel this inexplicable youthful breath, impulsive and rich.


Yinrun Central Garden is one of the neighborhoods with the highest average price in Los Angeles, and it is also a well-known wealthy area.


So Huang Jixian lived here as a rich second generation, and Qing Chen was not surprised.


The property security here is relatively strict, and you need to swipe your card to enter and exit.


Qing Chen walked around to the back door, wanting to see if there was any way to get in here.


However, before he could think about how to get in, he saw six men in black suits walking out of the small road at the back door of the community.


The waists of those people were straight, and they looked as sharp as bayonets.


During the walk, the six people kept the same pace, and the time to raise their feet and the distance they took seemed as if someone had measured them with a ruler.


Wait, Qing Chen was stunned, because he saw that among the six people there was still a teenager…Huang Jixian!


At this time, Huang Jixian looked dazed, and he was still muttering inexplicable words, prison, machinery, monsters…


They quickly boarded the two black off-road vehicles outside the back door. One of them seemed to have a feeling, turning his head to look towards Qingchen from the co-pilot seat.


Qing Chen turned his head immediately and played with the phone casually.


The other party didn’t seem to care too much about him, and the two black off-road vehicles rushed away in the night.


Qing Chen stood at the gate of the community in a daze, looking at the mobile phone without saying a word.


Who are those people?


Why would Huang Jixian be taken away?


Could it be because of the other person’s identity as a traverser?


It must be because of this, Qing Chen didn’t believe in coincidences.


He turned around and went home.


Along the way, he thought about the identity of the man in black, but gradually, he realized that something was wrong.


A young man in a black sweater followed him for five blocks in silence.


An inexplicable sense of familiarity… He has seen each other.


For an instant, Qing Chen felt his muscles tighten, and the invisible pressure was eroding his sense of security.


It was like, being stared at by the beast fiercely.


He recalled that when he met the man in black at the back door of the Central Garden Community, the other party was looking at the phone not far away, but when the other party was looking at the phone, his finger never swiped the screen.


Qing Chen couldn’t analyze everything he saw every minute, it was too exhausting, but he was able to extract memories.


Thinking of this, Qing Chen casually pretended to pick up the mobile phone, then stopped and lowered his head to make a call: “Hey, I’ll go home for dinner later…”


The peaked cap hid his cheeks in the shadows.


After he stopped, the young man in the black sweater kept walking past him.


Qing Chen Yuguang locked the opponent tightly, but the opponent never turned his head back.


This made Qing Chen a little puzzled. At a certain moment, he even wondered if he was too mindful.


On the busy street, the man in the black sweater quickly disappeared. He hung up the phone and continued to walk forward.


Fortunately, he went home and changed his school uniform and put on a hat, otherwise he would know that he was a student at the Los Angeles Foreign Language School just by looking at the school uniform.


At this time, before Qing Chen could relax, he discovered at the traffic light at the next intersection that a familiar face appeared in the crowd waiting for the traffic light beside him.


He saw it at the front entrance of the Central Garden District.


It is not a coincidence.


It is cross-tracking.


Every person in charge of tracking is only a certain distance away, and everyone must ensure that he is not found like a passerby. If the target stops, the person who is tracking must continue to walk forward if nothing has happened, and the other members will make up for it. Come up.


This is one of the safest tracking methods.


Qing Chen is very grateful that he has read a lot of useful or useless miscellaneous books.


He finally understood that when the person on the off-road vehicle looked at him, he was being spotted.


More than six people came from the other side, and some people hid in the dark.


Is this a secret organization, so well-trained, and so concerned about things related to the traversers?


Qing Chen suddenly felt that he might not be the first batch of traversers, perhaps he was the second batch, or even the third batch.


Otherwise, even if someone learns about the traverser today, they won’t be able to react quickly today.


These people come prepared.


The black pupils of the teenager are thick and deep, the night runners oncoming on the sidewalk, the uncle who sells candied haws on the sidewalk, the slender women pedaling on high heels, and the light and shadow of the yellow street lamp beside him.


He wrote down every detail and reminded himself that he can’t make mistakes.


The traffic light has 12 seconds left.


The black-clothed man who passed by before is likely to be detouring back behind him, ready to make up for the next cross-tracking.


Calculated according to the distance of Wangchunmen Street, Zhenghe Road, and Kaiyuan Avenue to be detoured by the other party, it will take up to ten minutes if it is calculated by the running speed of an adult.


If you want to get out of track…


That is now.


The green light was on, the stalker raised his foot to cross the road, and Qing Chen suddenly turned back and walked away.


The stalker continued to cross the road without incident, and whispered: “The target person has not crossed the road. He has turned his head. How long will you be in place?”


It looks like talking to himself, but if someone looks closely, he can find a translucent headset in his left ear.


“No, I still have two minutes to reach the tracking position.”


In an instant, the stalker crossing the road noticed something was wrong, and he suddenly turned around to look for Qing Chen’s figure, but he couldn’t find the boy anymore.


“Lost,” the stalker at the crossroads sighed lightly.


The young man in the black sweater who was running wild in the distance responded with a smile: “It’s really shameful that two people stared at one person and they were lost.”


“You must stare at him.”


The young man in the black sweater laughed: “Then guess if he found out that we were following him?”


There was a voice in the headset: “I’m sure he found out, he is a master.”


The young man in the black sweater thought for a while and said: “The boy looks like he is only seventeen or eighteen years old. He may still be in high school. If the other party can really find us following, then this would be too enchanting. And if you find out, he It was also very natural. When he stopped calling for the first time, I didn’t think he found me. Otherwise, I would directly control him.”


“I’m very curious, why you want to follow him temporarily, we have a lot of tasks today, there is no need to waste time on passersby.”


“It’s not a surprise, it’s just that when the captain escorted the 009 target person out, I found that he avoided the captain’s gaze.”


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