• Akiko: Talking Elbows

Volume fifteenth. Dark clouds

Originally, Qing Chen was just trying to make a conversation, but he didn’t expect Nan Gengchen’s mentality to change so quickly.


Seeing that I was scared just now, I planned to become the protagonist of the world after a lesson.


What can Qing Chen say? It’s fine if you are happy.


At this time, Nan Gengchen had seriously discussed with Qing Chen: “I mean, if, if I can travel through the past, can I bring some high-tech things back and sell it?”


“I don’t know,” Qing Chen said, “it may not be possible.”


“Look, they have brought back robotic arms or something,” Nan Gengchen said, “Don’t worry, I will be really developed by then, so I will ask you to eat well.”


Qing Chen knew that the world was dangerous. As a friend, he had to have some secrets, but he still hoped that the other party could return safely, so he kindly persuaded him: “You see that many people who travel through say that they are in danger, so you Be careful and don’t keep thinking about getting rich.”


Nan Gengchen was silent for a few seconds, and then asked, “Where do you want to eat?”


Qing Chen: “…”


Nan Gengchen silently calculated his dream after he developed, only Qing Chen knew that he couldn’t bring anything casually when he returned.


At that time, Nan Gengchen invited himself to eat, snapped his arm down and patted the counter and shouted two bowls of Dan Dan noodles. The scene was really festive.


Suddenly, someone in the class wondered: “What is the law of this traversal? So many people have passed through, so why didn’t we wear it?”


Nan Gengchen whispered next to him: “Maybe it’s only really talented people…”


Qing Chen raised his eyebrows as he listened.


There are more and more news about the traversers, both at home and abroad.


Slowly Qing Chen summed up two laws:


One is that the last countdown for all traversers was 6 hours, and the countdown for return was 48 hours.


In other words, the time everyone passed through was the same, and the time they returned was also the same.


Then someone stood up after seeing the crossing incident and said that he had not crossed, but today there was a 48-hour countdown on his arm after midnight.


This should be the second batch.


Next time, the first batch and the second batch will cross at the same time.


The second rule is that all young people who travel through the past are between 10 and 35 years old so far.


Suddenly, a girl said: “An anchor said that he is a traverser, and he is showing his robotic arm on a live broadcast. I will post the link to the group.”


These days, students all bring mobile phones, which is convenient for communication.


Everyone clicked on the link and found that there was a certain outdoor anchor, showing his robotic arm.


Qing Chen always felt that something was wrong, because he had never seen such a plastic mechanical limb…


As a result, the other party hadn’t shown for two minutes before the robotic arm fell to the ground with a click…


“This is especially for wearing a model to come over to get the heat!”


Qing Chen was a little bit dumbfounded, and when such a riot broke out, some ghosts and monsters emerged.


At this time, he guessed that Nan Gengchen was not the batch of 12 o’clock yesterday, but a new countdown that only appeared in the early morning, otherwise the other party would not be so shocked by Jacob’s press conference.


So now there are two possibilities. One is that the number of people who cross is fixed, and if someone dies, new ones will enter.


Another possibility is that the number of people who pass through is constantly expanding and will increase in the future.


At present, Qing Chen can’t estimate how many people cross the country.


Gradually, all the classmates in the class arrived, and some people exclaimed: “There are also traversers on the streets of Los Angeles. I saw it in the circle of friends, and some people took pictures!”


Upon hearing this, all the students gathered around.


In the video of Moments, a male youth looks hurriedly, with strange mechanical lines on his cheeks, which seems to have a unique technological beauty.


At this time, someone discovered that the grey steel ankle was exposed as the opponent walked.


Obviously, the young man’s legs have also been replaced with mechanical prostheses.


In the picture, the photographer wanted to continue shooting, but saw that the young man suddenly jumped onto the roof of the roadside four to five meters, disappearing without a trace.


A female classmate whispered: “So handsome.”


“It would be great if we had such a traverser in our school, so that we could directly ask about that world.”


At this time, Qing Chen suddenly remembered that, in fact, there is really a person in this school who traveled with him at the same time, Huang Jixian, the son of the chairman of Yongli Group.


If I remember correctly, the other party should be in Class 7.


After the other party collapsed that day, he was taken away by the mechanical prison guards, and he has never appeared since. It stands to reason that the other party should have returned, even if it is a dead body, it will return.


Thinking of this, Qing Chen took advantage of more than ten minutes before going to class, got up and walked downstairs to the first grade.


The Los Angeles Foreign Language School was very lively at this time. Everyone was discussing the incident of the traverser, and even the teachers passing by were walking and swiping their mobile phones.


I’m afraid no one would have thought that a certain traverser would be by his side.


Qing Chen looked at those people and suddenly felt a sense of alienation without knowing why, as if he didn’t know when it was a little different.


In the past, he might want to study hard, and when he had time, he would carefully review and preview, and try to take the entrance to a good university and leave his hometown.


But now, his path seems to be no longer here.


When Qing Chen came to the gate of Class 7 of Senior One, he seemed to inadvertently grabbed a boy wearing glasses and asked, “Hello, has Huang Ji come to school today?”


“No, I haven’t seen him yet,” the male student replied.


“Ao,” Qing Chen nodded, “Do you know where he lives?”


“I only know that he lives in Yinrun Central Garden. I don’t know exactly where it is. Are you looking for something to do with him?” the male student asked, “When he arrives in the classroom, I will help you to tell him.”


“It’s okay, thank you,” Qing Chen guessed that Huang Ji might not be able to come first.


The spirit of the collapsed teenager was greatly traumatized, and it is possible to go crazy directly.


Qing Chen returned to the class thoughtfully, and almost all the students in the first math class lost their minds to study.


In the second half of class, Tian Hailong, a young male mathematics teacher, saw that everyone was absent-minded, and simply joked with everyone: “Your attention is completely off me now. It seems that I have to get a robotic arm too. What, you can listen to my lectures at ease, right?”


The classmates in the classroom roared with laughter, and then Tian Hailong actually talked about this hot current event with the classmates and stopped giving lectures.


If it is an ordinary hot spot, teachers and students will not be like this, but what is happening now is different because it is changing the world.


Nan Gengchen had been swiping his cell phone in class, and when class was over, he suddenly handed it to Qing Chen to see: “He Xiaoxiao has posted a strategy!”


“He Xiaoxiao?” Qing Chen asked suspiciously.


“Is a big UP master in the game category. It is considered a high player in the game industry. I can often find easter eggs and details in the game, such as teaching you how to find hidden plots, hidden orange weapons, and hidden occupations. There are many fans,” Nan Geng Chen explained that he knew that Qing Chen didn’t play games very much, so he must have never followed an anchor like He Xiaoxiao.


Nan Gengchen continued: “He released a game strategy video a few hours ago, but everyone has never seen the game he said at all. He is still doing the strategy seriously. Now that there is a problem of crossing, everyone suddenly realizes Now, the game strategy he gave may be related to that world, and he is also one of the traversers.”


The video has no picture, only a black background and white subtitles.


In the video, a young and magnetic male voice said: “Because this game is special, I can’t show you the game video. I call this game…the world.”


“And the world we live in now is called the watch world.”


However, He Xiaoxiao continued to calmly say: “I have just entered about this game, so the information I got is very limited.”


“For the time being, I haven’t found a way to get Hidden Orange Wu.”


“At present, there are three known career paths. The first is to use technology to transform oneself. This can be purchased directly at the Mechanical Hospital.”


“The price of mechanical limbs is relatively expensive, because I haven’t found the money-swiping bug, so I can’t try it. Selling my own organs here seems to be the easiest way to get money, but I don’t recommend you try it.”


“The second is to join the Taboo Tribunal, and you can become a new human after injecting genetic medicine. But I haven’t found the NPC of the relevant organization. The organization is rather mysterious.”


“The third known career path is in Prison 18. You need to find an NPC named Li Shutong after entering. This is currently the career path with the highest known potential.”


“If there are other career paths in the future, I will continue to share with you.”


The more Qing Chen watched this video, the more he was surprised.


He was pretty sure that it was a real world, and he could bring back even the injury of pinching Qing. Isn’t it what the real world is?


But this He Xiaoxiao turned out to be like a delusion, using it as a game!


He also regarded Li Shutong as an NPC for professional tasks!


I don’t know what the other party’s identity is in the inner world. The only thing Qing Chen can be sure about right now is that Li Shutong’s popularity in the inner world is indeed so high that He Xiaoxiao heard of the other side within 48 hours.


And now, He Xiaoxiao has actually regarded Li Shutong as the most promising career path.


After watching the video, Nan Gengchen murmured: “Doesn’t this mean that I didn’t say it? You need money to buy mechanical limbs, and the Taboo Tribunal can’t find it. You might find it in Prison 18, but I didn’t say how to get in.”


Suddenly, Qing Chen wondered, the influence of this video is quite big. When he crosses back in 2 days, will anyone actually go to prison 18 to brush Li Shutong’s line? !


But if someone really treats Li Shutong as an NPC, he might end up miserably. Li Shutong himself would probably be at a loss.


About this matter of crossing, it has been lively until the afternoon.


Until a piece of news appeared: a young man from abroad who was identified as a traverser was found dead at home. The mechanical legs shown in the original video were cut off and disappeared.


This news was like a dark cloud, which suddenly shrouded everyone’s enthusiasm.


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