I understand that the “handbag” used in formal occasions should be the kind of “Clutch” without a hand strap and no shoulder strap. Many girls have also asked me this question, saying that the handbag looks very unusable, how to match it, and talk about my simple understanding.
When you need to attend an occasion where you are responsible for talking beautifully or posing poses, the handbag is your best accessory.
Because at this time, when you only use mobile phones, lipsticks, pressed powders, tissues, business cards, cards and banknotes, you don’t need to carry a huge handbag. It is not unsightly, but the scene is not suitable.
“The handbag is not only a bag, but also a manifestation of a sense of control. This is what all girls should practice”, so we will see ladies of higher level who prefer to choose handbags when attending formal occasions. How to match it?
Here are some matching principles and examples, mainly for formal business occasions. The most important thing for handbags is color selection, so they should be matched with the clothes. Following these 3 rules, there is generally no error:

1.Same color and same flower. That is to say, the color of the handbag and the clothes is the same, or echoes a certain part, if there is a pattern, the pattern is the same。

2.Contrast the colors. Generally choose colors that are relative to each other, such as blue and red echoing, black and white echoing. But this method requires attention, the color of the handbag needs to be clean, and there should be no more colors on the body。

3.Progressive color. The color of the handbag belongs to the same color family as the clothes, but there are differences in depth, creating a sense of hierarchy。

The size of the handbag is mainly determined according to the figure of the person carrying the bag. In addition to the size of the handbag, there are also differences in length. There are roughly several methods for reference.

1.Simple styles of small and medium size, long handbags are suitable for all girls, as long as the color is selected properly, there will be no mistakes.

2.Large-size handbags are more suitable for taller girls if they are good-looking. Try to choose light or bright colors to form a contrast with the clothes in the color choice, which is more conducive to prominent features, and black will be a little serious.

3.Irregular or particularly designed (such as tassels or irregular shapes) are not suitable for business occasions. But if you attend some ceremonies and match the dress, you can add the finishing touch to your match.

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