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Volume thirteenth. Someone

Compared with the panic before the last crossing, Qing Chen has calmed down a lot this time.


He waited for the world to be broken and reorganized, as if he was waiting for a dream to wake up.


In the cramped and cramped small bedroom, Qing Chen was still sitting on the side of the bed in the posture before crossing. It was night outside, and the boning knife he was holding… actually still in his hand.


Everything seems to have never happened.


Qing Chen frowned, he took out the phone in his pocket and glanced at Time.


2022, September 28, 12:00:01.


One point and one second.


He clearly remembered that the date he crossed was also September 28, and the exact time was 12:00:00.


In other words, he spent two days in that world, but only one second has passed here on Earth.


In the same way, I went back here, and when I went back, only a second passed there?


This should be the law of all traversers.


I don’t know why Qing Chen breathed a sigh of relief when he thought of this place, so that he would no longer have to find a way to explain to others why he often disappeared for a while.


This is a very strange feeling of alienation, as if the world in which I am now is no longer real.


Qing Chen lowered his head and glanced at his arm. The blue-purple he had deliberately pinched was still there.


The white lines on the other arm have changed, the countdown is 47:59:45.


Countdown 47:59:44.


This time the countdown is 48 hours, which is two days, yes.


Only these can prove to him that everything he has experienced is true.


He has really been to a mechanical civilization, and he has really met a man named Li Shutong who was tested once with a nightmare by a man named Lin Xiaoxiao, and he also encountered a licking dog named Lu Guangyi.


There was a calm Ye Wan and a strange big cat.


While Qing Chen was thinking about it, his cell phone rang unexpectedly, an unfamiliar landline number.


“Hello,” Qing Chen said.


“Hello, this is the Wangcheng Road Police Station. That’s it. Your father was detained for gambling. Please come over,” said a female voice across the phone.


Qing Chen was stunned for a moment, calculating the time that his gambler father should have just been caught, but he didn’t expect the police station to call him.


“Uh, what am I going to do?” Qing Chen asked.


“According to the Public Security Administration Punishment Law, he needs to be detained and paid a fine. Please come and go through the formalities,” said the lady on duty at the police station.


“Sorry, I’m not going, please punish him severely. According to the Law on Public Security Administration Penalties, the case is severely punished by detention for more than 10 days but not more than 15 days, and a fine of more than 500 yuan and less than 3,000 yuan. He is punished, thank you,” Qing Chen said, shaking his head.


The other party was also taken aback at this moment: “Aren’t you his son?”


Qing Chen replied: “I reported the case. I am not his son. I am Mr. Qing, the enthusiastic citizen.”


Miss Duty Sister: “???”


Qing Chen hung up the phone without hesitation anymore, and his gambler father was detained for at least 10 days, which meant that he didn’t need to see the other party until he crossed the next time.


I don’t know why, Qing Chen still feels a little happy and relaxed thinking about it here.


However, for a teenager, his father was detained and reprimanded loudly, which felt uncomfortable.


Most teenagers use their father as a role model when they are young. Once you find that your father is not dignified, a certain load-bearing wall in your heart suddenly collapses.


Qing Chen took a deep breath and slowly lay down on the bed. He turned on the phone to read his call records and WeChat, but he did not see the news from his mother.


For some reason, he even wanted to return to the prison earlier.


Even if it is an unknown and dangerous world.


It was already more than one o’clock in the morning, and Qing Chen had no sleep.


In the dim room, only the phone screen illuminates his cheeks.


On the screen of the phone is the Canon score he just found, and every detail has been memorized in his mind.


For Li Shutong, this thing was a lifelong regret, but for Qing Chen, it was a no-brainer.


Maybe this is the difference in different worlds, and the other party also has something that Qing Chen dreams of.


But, should I give the score to Li Shutong?


If you give it to me, how can I explain the origin of this score?


This matter is risky. Although Qing Chen is not afraid of taking risks, he is afraid that the risks are worthless.


Therefore, before giving the score, he must determine whether Li Shutong has this value!


In the end, he still couldn’t wait for the call and news from his mother.


The first day of the countdown, 7:30 in the morning.


Qing Chen put on a blue and white school uniform and went out, eating instant noodles as he walked.


The Los Angeles Foreign Language School he attended was divided into three campuses a few years ago, and the high school is only five minutes away from his home, and it only needs to cross a small road.


On the way to the office, the scent of the egg-filled breakfast stalls wafted out, and pedestrians would sit at the stalls and eat a bowl of warm tofu noodles or spicy soup.


The freshly fried dough sticks are golden and crisp, and the tea eggs are smooth and translucent after peeling.


But Qing Chen has no money, and his few savings are to deal with the countdown and purchase supplies.


This matter makes him have a toothache thinking about it now, but he does not regret it, after all, who knew what he had to face at that time?


In Class 3 of the second year of high school, there is a classmate who is in charge of cleaning and sanitation. The smell of water after mopping the floor in the classroom has not disappeared, and the mop has been moldy for a long time.


Qing Chen was sitting in the last row. At this moment, he saw Nan Gengchen walk into the classroom hurriedly at the same table with a nervous expression on his face.


“Ms. Du saw me skip class yesterday, but did he say anything later?” Qing Chen asked in a low voice.


As a result, Nan Gengchen was absent-minded as if he hadn’t heard anything: “Huh? What?”


“It’s okay,” Qing Chen shook his head: “Why do I think you are so flustered?”


“Panic?” Nan Gengchen was taken aback: “Nothing.”


Qing Chen didn’t speak anymore, and there was no need to ask the truth about what the other party didn’t want to say.


After quieting each other for a while, Nan Gengchen suddenly lowered his voice and asked, “Qing Chen, what would you do if you encounter a particularly weird thing?”


“Weird?” Qing Chen froze for a moment, then looked at Nan Gengchen carefully. He hesitated for a moment and asked, “What exactly does it mean?”


“I don’t know what it is, it’s weird anyway,” Nan Gengchen said.


“Then call the police?” Qing Chen’s eyes locked on Nan Gengchen.


However, Nan Gengchen’s eyes lit up: “Yes, look for the police! Qingchen, is your family sending everyone out?”


“Yes,” Qing Chen thought for a while and said, “My dad was arrested for gambling in a crowd last night.”


Nan Gengchen: “???”


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