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Volume eleventh.farewell

The melody of the harmonica is very beautiful.


And the harmonica sound seemed to be mixed with inexplicable rhythm, surpassing ordinary music.


It was like the feeling the nightmare brought to Qing Chen last night.


But when all the prisoners were immersed in the wonderful music, Qing Chen couldn’t suppress the surprise and shock in his heart at all.


Because he has heard this song…Farewell.


Outside the long pavilion, beside the ancient road, there are green grass and sky.


Qing Chen’s pupils gradually contracted. Isn’t this the world after crossing? Why would there be this song of farewell.


At the moment he saw the mechanical civilization, he thought that this place should have nothing to do with the earth.


But now it seems that he was wrong, is this the future of the earth?


Qing Chen began to search the memories in his mind, trying to find clues from the books in the reading zone he jotted down yesterday.


But the result disappointed him again, those soul chicken soup and philosophy could not help him.


The harmonica stopped, and there was a noise again from the 18th prison.


At a certain moment, Qing Chen suddenly felt that this prison was like an Colosseum.


Closed behind the alloy gates are steel monsters representing all kinds of desires.


When the gate was opened, he was no longer as jerky and vigilant as he was on the first day, but directly passed the prisoners in the line and walked straight to the square downstairs.


Unauthorized actions did not attract drones in the sky, and no robot guards took a second look at him.


As soon as he arrived outside the restaurant, Lin Xiaoxiao smiled and greeted him: “Good morning…Will you not sleep?”


At this time, Qing Chen was holding two dark circles under his eyes, he looked at Lin Xiaoxiao coldly, and asked if I could sleep well, don’t you know in your heart?


Some people say that a dream is only eight minutes long, which is extremely short compared to the entire life.


However, after Qing Chen ended his nightmare yesterday, he counted his countdown. The nightmare had sleepy him for more than two hours. He did not feel the passage of time in the nightmare.


Moreover, after getting rid of the nightmare, he lay in bed thinking about things for a long time, and did not fall asleep until midnight.


Although Qing Chen had the ability to never forget, he was still an ordinary person in essence, and was different from a special group of people like Lin Xiaoxiao. There was no way to survive the middle of the night and still live the next day.


Li Shutong glanced at Qing Chen’s face and said, “Ordinary people will be greatly injured when they come out of the nightmare, and will be languid for most of the day, but you are special. In the nightmare, you got rid of Xiaoxiao’s control and picked up the dagger. You can still stand today. It’s already amazing.”


Qing Chen sat down opposite him and asked straightforwardly: “How to become a person like him?”


Li Shutong smiled: “You are straightforward, but you can’t go his way, but it’s better to go my way.”


As soon as these words came out, Qing Chen clearly felt that the expressions of Ye Wan and Lin Xiaoxiao were strange.


For some reason, he suddenly felt that the atmosphere became more serious, and even the big cat who was napping raised his head to look at him.


He wanted to ask Li Shutong’s road, what the road was.


However, judging from Lu Guangyi’s attitude towards Li Shutong, this person may be a very famous person outside, so many people should know what the road Li Shutong is referring to.


And he is a traverser, and it may be okay to talk about messy thoughts, but it is fatal to ask questions that are not common sense.


Qing Chen skipped the doubts and asked again: “How can you go your way?”


“Don’t get me wrong,” Li Shutong smiled.


When Li Shutong laughed, the traces left by the years in the corner of his eyes made Qing Chen realize that the other party may be older than he thought.


Li Shutong continued: “Ye Wan and Lin Xiaoxiao couldn’t walk my way because they were a little late when they met me. And although I admire you now, it’s not enough.”


“Understood,” Qing Chen nodded.


This makes sense.


He felt that if someone saw him right away and gave him a lesson, then the other party might be very problematic.


What I face may not be opportunities, but dangers.


But for Qing Chen, being able to touch the edge of the mysterious world was enough.


It was something he had daydreamed about before, something that had never existed on earth.


Now I am very close to those.


“How about it, are you still playing chess today?” Li Shutong looked at Xiang Qingchen: “I think your mental state is very bad, or just take a day off. The most important thing about chess is to meet your opponents. If you are not in a good state Good to win, that’s not interesting.”


As the prisoners lined up to eat and eat, more and more prisoners walked freely in the restaurant.


Today is a little different. Many prisoners are watching Qing Chen’s movement while eating.


Some people even stood up to eat with their dinner plates, their eyes fixed on the chessboard.


In fact, there are not many prisoners present who can understand chess. This is a recreational activity out of the times.


It’s just that Li Shutong likes it, so everyone needs to pay attention.


What if he has a talent for chess and is valued by Li Shutong?


Of course, this is just an imagination. More people pay attention to the chess game because it is too idle.


In the past, Uncle Li watched the endgame with him alone, no one dared to stare at it. Now that there is a game of Qingchen, the atmosphere seems to be much more relaxed, and Ye Wan no longer scolds people.


On the side, even Lu Guangyi watched with interest, and a group of people followed him as if stars were arching over the moon.


Lu Guangyi enjoys this very much.


Chess was originally a game between you and me, but Qing Chen simply said every move of his chess this time, as if he had predicted that Li Shutong would cooperate with him, and directly deduced the chess game to the final chapter.


Qing Chen’s red car entered the game to attract black generals, echoing the final four-strikes, forming a lore.


This is a subtle hand that ordinary people can hardly think of.


Others may not know what Qing Chen is talking about, but Li Shu also knows it.


There is only one way to break the game of driving the imperial court!


Li Shutong raised his head and glanced at Qing Chen, and then buckled his black veteran on the chessboard: “I thought you were not in a good state of mind. I won and I was taking advantage of the danger, but I didn’t think I was worrying too much.”


In the crowd, Lu Guangyi’s younger brother heard Lu Guangyi murmur: “You won again, this is too handsome. Regardless of where you won, as long as you can win a person like Li Shutong, it will be worth all your life. I also want to learn chess!”


The group of younger brothers who had just been gathered didn’t understand why Lu Guangyi was also interested in things like chess.


You know, although Lu Guangyi’s military strength is outstanding in the 18th prison, his education level is definitely the lowest.


At this time, Qing Chen looked at Li Shutong and asked, “Can I ask you a question?”


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