• Akiko: Talking Elbows

Volume six.Treacherous soldiers

Before the middle-aged man looked up, Qing Chen thought that the other party was deaf, and such a big movement around him didn’t even affect him at all.


However, after the middle-aged man raised his head, Qing Chen almost thought he was deaf, because the noisy square was quiet for an instant, and there was no extra noise.


The surprised look in the eyes of the surrounding crowd, as well as some inexplicable emotions, seemed to set off the identity of a middle-aged man.


Because in the past, this middle-aged man never paid attention to others’ requests for help.


Suddenly Qing Chen breathed a sigh of relief, because all this proved that he was right.


The middle-aged man didn’t say anything to him, but calmly pushed the red pawn on the chessboard to advance.


But the black side held by the middle-aged man himself chose to go back and forth and kill the pawn that had just been arched.


Qing Chen watched the chessboard quietly from a distance. The four bandits captured the king’s endgame was a well-known endgame on the earth. There were two layouts, and he faced the more dangerous game in front of him.


The so-called endgame generally means that the black side must win, and the red side cannot even make a draw. If it is a draw, the endgame will be solved.


However, Qing Chen is not satisfied with the draw.


The endgame that the Four Kou captures the king is a bit peculiar. The four red soldiers have already crossed the Chu River to the bottom line, and both vehicles are there.


The situation seems to be evenly matched, but in fact this endgame is killing every step and there are traps everywhere. Black can win with only one move, but the red side can only be exhausted. If you don’t pay attention, you will think that you have the chance to win, and you will be defeated. Anti-kill.


This is seemingly hopeful, but it can make people fall into the desperate situation a little bit.


“Go on,” the middle-aged man said flatly.


Qing Chen said: “Two soldiers and three equals.”


The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up. At this time, he seemed to be really interested. He was too lazy to fiddle with the chessboard. He closed his eyes and played blind chess with Qing Chen: “Six in one.”


Qing Chen also closed his eyes: “The rear car enters the fourth.”


“It’s like seven retreats to nine.”


When it came to the sixth round, Qing Chen suddenly said: “The car enters seven!”


The closed eyes of the middle-aged man opened again. He looked at Qing Chen in surprise: “It’s like five retreats seven.”


In the first five steps, each other’s comings and goings were unremarkable, but after this sixth step, the two sides actually started to change each other step by step!


You kill me! I will kill you! Blood is flowing into a river, and soldiers are everywhere!


Both sides’ courage and determination on the chessboard are extremely cruel.


The two are like the calmest generals on the battlefield, sacrificing everything for the final victory.


The situation of the four bandits capturing the king unexpectedly forced the two to show off a wave of courage. However, behind this courage, the two sides had deep calculations.


At the beginning of the game, the red side of Qingchen obviously looked more fierce than the four pawns who crossed the river, but he abandoned the four pawns one by one in exchange for other plans, leaving only the last one!


At the fifteenth step, Qing Chen finally let out a long suffocating breath: “Five soldiers enter one!”


See the picture poorly.


Capture the king!


It was also at this moment that the final game of the four bandits captured the king finally burst out with unspeakable charm. The situation of mutual understanding in the Chuhe Han realm made the middle-aged man feel like he was really on the battlefield. It’s the same with a counselor.


In this chess, every move is extremely dangerous.


What surprised the middle-aged man the most was that the young man in front of him was not very old, but he did not hesitate when he abandoned his son to change games.


It is important not to abandon or to give up, but war is war. How can war be without sacrifice?


He quietly looked at the young man in front of him, who was also looking at him, his expression dignified and stubborn.


It seems to be in this desperate situation, to fight a way out and open up a new life.


He understood that he was playing chess, and the opponent was struggling to survive in an environment surrounded by beasts of steel, and his attitude was different.


No one noticed that at this moment, of the 210 surveillance cameras in the prison fortress, 81 of them turned directly to Qing Chen.


There was a whirlpool in the black camera of the surveillance camera shrinking, as if to focus on Qing Chen’s face.


No one knows who is focusing behind this surveillance camera.


The middle-aged man smiled and put the black veteran upside down on the chessboard: “It’s interesting, there are not many people who can play chess these days, and we will continue tomorrow.”


After speaking, he walked towards the library area with his hands back, leaving the chessboard on the dining table and no one dared to move.


The gray cat on the table stood up and quietly followed the middle-aged man.


The cat looks like a fur ball when it is lying together, and it doesn’t look big.


However, after this stretch, Qing Chen discovered that the cat was over a meter long and was extremely vigorous.


Ordinary cats walk lightly and are called catwalks, but this cat has walked out of a tiger’s posture.


All the people on the square who were watching here were stunned. Was this endgame won by the teenager?


To be honest, they didn’t understand chess either, and when both sides played blind chess later, they even couldn’t understand it.


There are too many entertainment activities in this era, each of which is more exciting and fun than chess.


They can use the chip to get pleasure directly, and they can log their consciousness into the virtual network. This is a happy and very cheap era. There are very few people playing chess. Can you play artificial intelligence no matter how good it is?


However, their surprise at Qing Chen’s victory over the middle-aged man is how could that middle-aged man lose in their eyes?


Whether it is playing chess or fighting, how can the opponent lose?


To be honest, Qing Chen is also a little strange. This middle-aged man obviously doesn’t even have any mechanical limbs, and he doesn’t even have two entourages around him. Why is his prestige so high in this jail where steel beasts are rampant?


The young man who stopped Qing Chen before blinked at him: “Great, my name is Lin Xiaoxiao, and his name is Ye Wan. See you tomorrow.”


After speaking, they left with another young man named Ye Wan, following the middle-aged man’s steps.


Qing Chen didn’t even know what the middle-aged man was called at this time. He only knew the names of the two entourages, but now is undoubtedly a good start.


The atmosphere condensed in the square, it wasn’t until the middle-aged man took Ye Wan and Lin Xiaoxiao to the reading area just now that it finally slowly became active.


The prisoner who was just entertaining the newcomer is still pulling the newcomer into the cell. There are a total of 12 newcomers including him, and 9 of them have already been pulled in.


At this time, Qing Chen looked at the prisoners again, but no one made any more attempts at him.


Suddenly, a young man with mechanical legs ran up to Qing Chen and said in a panic: “We all just came in, you help me, I will listen to you from now on.”


The surrounding prisoners were watching coldly. They were still a little unclear about the situation. Qing Chen would definitely not be able to move, but if this young man wanted to protect other newcomers, they would not want to.


However, Qing Chen turned a deaf ear to what the young man said, and his face was calm as if he hadn’t heard anything.


The prisoners laughed and abruptly dragged the young man away.


Just listen to the youth yelling: “My uncle is the director of Changming Company in City 17, you guys…”


Before he could finish his sentence, the other prisoners laughed: “Except for the top five companies, other companies are not worth mentioning. Let alone you, even if your uncle comes to this prison fortress, you have to be honest.”


Qing Chen listened to all this silently, absorbing all useful information. He was just screening the identities of these newcomers, and wanted to see if there were other people on Earth hiding in them.


He traveled by himself, without any memory of belonging to this world, and now he doesn’t even know how many years he has been sentenced.


Qing Chen believes that other people have no memory, so if this young man can tell about the interpersonal relationship outside prison, he is probably not his “hometown”.


Among the 12 new inmates, the only people on earth should be the collapsed teenager and him.


I don’t know why, Qing Chen doesn’t feel depressed at all. On the contrary, he looks forward to a completely different…life.


A completely different life.


This sentence sounds very tempting.


When your own life is already in a mess, someone puts a button in front of you and says: Press this, and there will be an unusual life.


But there are two possibilities after pressing.


It could be better.


It could be worse.


Do you press it?


Qing Chen felt that he should be able to press.


On earth, he seems to have always been a superfluous person. His father thought he was cumbersome, his mother had a new family, and relatives rarely interacted with him.


Qing Chen has spent two Spring Festivals alone.


So, if you say that your past life was all gloomy, then no matter how dangerous, unknown, or terrifying the new world is, it will make people look forward to it.


This world is different. For Qing Chen, coming here from the earth is like an adventure in life’s rebellion, but also like a liberation from the past.


If there were no such changes in the countdown, he would study hard, try to support himself, and then rely on his unique memory to test a very good, far away university, and never come back.


However, that kind of life still seems boring.


He believes that there are not many people traveling with him on the earth, even if there are thousands or tens of thousands, they are all a small percentage compared to the total base.


This makes him feel that he is special.


Countdown 39:31:29.


Qing Chen looked at everything around him silently. He wanted to record all the information he could see, and he could analyze it slowly when he returned to the cell alone.


Above an alloy gate next to the square, there is a blue holographic projection showing the beating time, AM8:29.


The three-dimensional projected holographic image looked so novel and eye-catching, at 8:29 in the morning.


At this moment, a young man took advantage of the other people’s distraction, and then suddenly walked to Qing Chen’s side and said in a low voice: “You finally came in. It is as good-looking as the legend is. I am Lu Guangyi. Qingyan arranged for three of me. If the moon is coming, you can call me a small road.”


Qing Chen: “???”


He froze for a moment and looked at each other.


This is a young man called Lu Guangyi who is about 24 or 5 years old. He has an inch-long black hair. The right arm and left leg are equipped with mechanical limbs. There are mechanical eyes on the eyes. Qing Chen can even see the spiral in his eyes. The lines are changing the focal length.


This mechanical body is different from most prisoners in terms of streamlined shape and material, it looks very sophisticated.


Qing Chen searched for memories, tracing the other party’s behavior.


At this time, Qing Chen discovered that Lu Guangyi had seen himself 21 times in more than an hour, which was the number of times the opponent was in his field of vision.


Qing Chen didn’t know who this person was, but the tone of the other party’s words clearly knew him, and he still used honorifics.


According to Lu’s broad meaning, it seems that he has another plan to enter this prison fortress.


But Qing Chen is afraid of revealing what he has traveled through, so for the time being, he doesn’t want to have too much intersection with Lu Guangyi: “I don’t need your help for the time being. I can do some things by myself.”


Lu Guangyi’s head shook like a rattle: “No way, no way, I must serve you well.”


Qing Chen also shook his head and said, “No one’s personality is more noble than anyone. You don’t have to use the word “waiting”.”


At this time, Lu Guangyi said flatteringly: “Don’t you, don’t hesitate to call me in the future, you will treat me as your dog, the one that licks your feet!”


Qing Chen was speechless, what kind of person would say such bottomless words: “Then what if I have athlete’s foot?”


Lu Guangyi said without embarrassment: “Then I can lick it for you!”


Qing Chen was silent for a while: “…nice.”


It’s because he is very restrained not to talk nonsense, and can’t help but sigh.


Qing Chen was a little confused now. It was obvious that his body and consciousness had passed through together, so why was there such a weird relationship in the past?


In other words, in the eyes of people in this world, have you really lived in this world for so many years?


Lu Guangyi saw that Qingchen did not speak, so he whispered: “This morning I still wondered why you didn’t come to me the first time. As a result, you plan to approach Li Shutong as a newcomer. It’s too smart. In this prison No. 18 In the fortress, if we can get Li Shutong’s help, our plan will go smoother.”


Qing Chen: “…”


what’s the plan.


what are you saying.


Can you make it clearer? !


Lu Guangyi continued as if talking to himself: “I have been here for more than three months, and I have gathered a group of people who can use it for you. Don’t worry, they will not lose the chain.”


The young people are chatting.


Qing Chen felt that this broad sense seemed a bit ridiculous, but he just listened silently, and didn’t know how to respond.


It’s like when you play “Who’s Undercover”, you have to take a blank card. You have to wait for everyone to finish speaking before you can speak. Otherwise, the entries taken by others are “urine”. You are the first to speak and say that you can drink. There will be big problems.


He searched in his mind and found that at breakfast, Lu Guangyi surrounded hundreds of people around him, each of whom was equipped with mechanical limbs.


It seems that these people are the “men” after Lu Guangyi came in.


Lu Guangyi saw that Qingchen still did not speak, so he asked again in a low voice: “However, you have to be careful with Li Shutong. Getting along with this kind of person is like trying to get a tiger’s skin. Maybe it will make us passive… Sorry, I talk too much. Up.”


At this time, Qing Chen realized that the Li Shutong the other party was talking about was probably the middle-aged man.


When Lu Guangyi saw that he came in, he immediately went to Li Shutong to play chess, but he mistakenly thought he came with a mission.


However, I approached Li Shutong not for a shit plan, but to survive.


“What instructions did you bring in this time?” Lu Guangyi asked suddenly.


Qing Chen slowly turned his head to look at the young man: “A lama came to the south.”




Qing Chen ignored him and turned away, leaving Lu Guangyi staying in place and said in a daze:


“A lama came to the south? What lama?”


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