An advertisement propaganda language, has become the true portrayal of numerous European football fans early.

And in China, every football night will be accompanied by beer and women.

At Euro 2021, there will be booze-selling booths at almost every entrance to every aisle.

Every time before the game or at halftime, there are huge crowds of fans.During the game, vendors would bring crates of beer to the stands to sell.

FIFA is making things easier for its fans during the World Cup

Events such as the World Cup and the European Championship are the golden times for brewers to escape.

The culture of watching football and drinking is inseparable from the brand layout of brewers over the past 100 years.

Liverpool Football Club was founded in 1892 by brewer John Houlding,

And plans to turn his stadium into a giant beer garden.

He rents teams from Scotland to play matches, and the retail sale of beer at the venues is the main source of profits.

The business was doing well and thousands of fans flocked there to drink.

Also, in beer and soccer country Germany, the Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund originated in a small bar.

In 1909, a group of young Catholics gathered in a tavern and under pressure founded the Ballspiel-Verein Borussia 1909. “Borussia” was the brand of beer sold in the tavern.

For brewers, long-term sponsorships of major events help to embed the beer brand in fans’ memories.

FIFA has a deal with beer sponsors, and a ban on beer sales during the World Cup would hurt sponsorship revenue.

FIFA therefore requires each World Cup host country to sign the World Cup Act in order to ensure the interests of FIFA and its sponsors.

In Germany, almost every Bundesliga club has its own beer partner,

And fans feel the same affection for the beer as they do for the team.

When not watching a game, fans still choose the same beer at the mall.

On a hot summer day, a glass of cold beer can quench the heat and thirst,

This neat, non-sloppy drink is the standard accompaniment to football watching.

A craft beer with both wheat and bitter taste that men like

, and ladies’ favorite fresh sour and sweet fruit, with them, you won’t be alone this summer.

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